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Book Reviews

98% of Amazon Reviews are 5 stars

Here are some of the many things people are saying about Be Youthful!

5 Stars – Will save you much more than the cost of the book! August 26th, 2014D. Andrews
5 Stars – Drop Everything And Read “Be Youthful”! I Did–And I Am So Glad I Did. I love, loVE, LOVE His Book! August 18, 2014J. A. Smith
5 Stars – Great Casual Cosmetic Reference. September 1st, 2014Omar Mubaidin
5 Stars – “Be Youthful” The embodiment of one person’s passion and commitment to improving how we look and feel about ourselves. September 21st, 2014Allen Stecker
5 Stars – Mandatory Reading For the Latest in Face and Skin Care. September 15, 2014Richard Castellano
100% Of Barnes & Noble reviews are 5 stars
5 Stars – I just finished reading Be Youthful by Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. I felt compelled to write this review as soon as I finished reading it. The reason is because this book helped me understand the aging process in a way that only an expert like Dr. Shino can do. The book is filled with explanations, tips and what to do to reverse the aging process. On top I learn the special treatments and techniques that cosmetic doctors are doing to help us out in this process. On addition, Dr. Aguilera’s humanity and spirituality is shown all over on the book. Like Dr. Shino says , beauty begins from the inside out and being youthful is a combination of mind, body and spirit. Great bookAlejandro S
5 Stars – I just finished reading the book and it has been a process of awakening and understanding the aging process. Changuelito
5 Stars – My review took a different course than most, but make no mistake that this book is a gift of knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual empowerment…from a unique and loving person whose level of consciousness compensates for some untold number operating at a much lower level.

Chapters In Be Youthful

In the book Be Youthful you will find…


Chapter 1 Fat Is Your Friend

Chapter 2 The “Darn Clock”!

Chapter 3 All about Skin

Chapter 4 The Seven Plagues

Chapter 5 Something about Mary

Chapter 6 Through the Years

Chapter 7 “Botox Saved My Marriage”

Chapter 8 Fill Me Up

Chapter 9 Rays of Light

Chapter 10 Lotions and Potions

Chapter 11 Beauty is where you find it

Chapter 12 Color Me Perfect

Chapter 13 Be Youthful




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