The Real Now

We would like to thank for featuring Be Youthful and choosing an excerpt from it that conveys the essence of what feeling and looking young is all about.

“I chose Be Youthful as the title of this book because this phrase resonates with the messages that I am trying to convey. In order to be youthful, we should first start with the soul. Yes, you have been presented with a lot of important and useful information about lasers, fillers, Botox, cosmeceuticals, and make-up in this book. Even so, staying youthful takes a lot more than that. A soul that’s full of resentment, depression, anxiety, anger or fear is a soul whose body will experience accelerated aging.

Cultivating faith, hope, gratitude, joy, excitement, and appreciation, on the other hand, decelerates the aging process. The combination of these characteristics generates a life force in us that keeps us young and vital. They create a state of mind that adds enthusiasm, health and happiness to our years. Those who manage to harness their life force age more slowly and live with more vitality than others.”